Community Impact

In addition to the core grantmaking function of the organization, Bravo Greater Des Moines provides leadership to the region and the arts & culture community. The 2015-18 Bravo Greater Des Moines Strategic Plan identified that enhancing opportunities for the cultural community to thrive is a key goal of the organization. Part of this work includes demonstrating the value of both Bravo Greater Des Moines and the central Iowa arts ecosystem.

Regional Cultural Assessment

The Regional Cultural Assessment is a new initiative led by Drake University President Earl “Marty” Martin and supported by Bravo. The Assessment will evaluate existing community planning initiatives, city master plans and incorporate community input to identify the gaps and needs of the Greater Des Moines region’s cultural community.

It was announced on October 31, 2016 that Creative Community Builders will serve as the consultant for the assessment. Read additional details here.


Bravo Strategic Plan

The Bravo Greater Des Moines Strategic Plan is the vision for our future role in Greater Des Moines’ cultural community based on research and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.


Economic Impact Studies

Data from the Bravo Econmic Impact Study shows that arts and culture events and organizations bring in $121 million to Greater Des Moines, draw more than 3.7 million people to the region, and employs more than 2,000 people.