Community Impact

Strategic Plan

The FY2023-25 Bravo Greater Des Moines Strategic Plan identifies the following goals:


  • Invest strategically in organizations, programs, and projects that advance regional cultural priorities.


  • Be the leading voice for arts, culture, and heritage in the region.


  • Foster relationships that build capacity and invite collaboration.


  • Seed and lead initiatives that build momentum for future success.

Let's Hear it for the Arts

Greater Des Moines’ vibrancy is founded in part of the breadth and depth of its arts and cultural experiences, but this sector has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Let’s Hear it for the Arts” is our rallying cry to keep arts center stage so we can reconnect, reemerge and recover.

Click here to find out how arts and culture have been impacted by the pandemic and how we can work together to support the sector.   Want a customizable version of the presentation you can use to tell the story of how your organization has been impacted by the pandemic?  Please email

Regional Cultural Assessment

The Regional Cultural Assessment is an initiative led by Drake University President Earl “Marty” Martin and supported by Bravo. The Assessment evaluated existing community planning initiatives, city master plans and incorporate community input to identify the gaps and needs of the Greater Des Moines region’s cultural community.

In 2020, metrics were attached to each cultural priority to help further emphasize and track the impact of arts and culture on advancing regional priorities.

For more information on the Regional Cultural Assessment and metrics, please click here.

Economic Impact Studies

Bravo Greater Des Moines has a history of quantifying the economic impact of the arts in Central Iowa. Most recently, Bravo and more than 65 non-profit arts, culture and heritage organizations participated in Americans for the Arts Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 on behalf of Central Iowa.

High level data shows that the arts are more than a "nice to have" amenity in Central Iowa - they are a formidable industry of significant impact on the regional economy:

  • $185 million in spending
  • 5,677 full-time equivalent jobs employed by the sector
  • $16.8 million in government revenue

Americans for the Arts released the national results of the study on Saturday, June 17. Read those results here.