Bravo Board and Staff

FY23 Bravo Greater Des Moines Board Of Directors

  • President: Robert Brownell
  • Vice President: Mike McCoy
  • Past President: Kathryn Kunert
  • Treasurer: Kevin Macfee
  • Counsel To the Board: Kathleen Law
  • Emily Abbas
  • Annette Adams
  • Connie Boesen
  • Caleb Brus
  • Bryan Burkhardt
  • Elizabeth Burns-Thompson (Exec. Committee)
  • Lauren Campbell
  • Shannon Cofield
  • Tej Dhawan
  • Chad Driscoll
  • Michael Egel (Exec. Committee)
  • Kurt Gibson
  • Ross Grooters
  • Matthew Harris
  • Cheryl Heid
  • Kate Hightshoe (Exec. Committee)
  • Susan Judkins
  • Ardis Kelley (Exec. Committee)
  • Michelle Bolton King
  • Bob Kling
  • David Lester
  • Blaire Massa
  • Larry McBurney
  • Matthew McKinney (Exec. Committee)
  • Robert Miller
  • Jeff Perry
  • Anna Bergman Pierce
  • Ruth Randleman (Exec. Committee)
  • Kuuku Saah (Exec. Committee)
  • Paul Schlueter (Exec. Committee)
  • Angie Stepsis

Bravo Greater Des Moines Staff

Sally Dix
Executive Director

Julia Franklin
Community Investment Specialist

Amy Saylor
Operations and Project Support Specialist

Bravo Greater Des Moines Board Meetings

Bravo Greater Des Moines Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 7:30 am.

Bravo Greater Des Moines Executive Committee will meet Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 7:30 am.

Please email for agenda information.