About Bravo Greater Des Moines


Bravo Greater Des Moines leverages community resources to maximize impact of arts, culture, and heritage to advance regional priorities.


Arts, culture, and heritage elevate and enrich a vibrant Greater Des Moines.

Core Values

Bravo embraces the following organizational values to promote and support the cultural community of Greater Des Moines:

  • Collaborative – Bravo collaborates with all community partners to define and achieve long-term success for arts, culture, and heritage.
  • Inclusive – Bravo values diversity, and we promote a culture of equity and inclusion.
  • Accountable – Bravo acts with integrity and transparency, allocating resources responsibly and as good stewards of public funds.
  • Regional – Bravo is engaged where we can have the most impact on regional priorities.
  • Opportunistic – Bravo consistently delivers on core functions while remaining nimble enough to respond strategically to regional priorities.
  • Passionate – Bravo stakeholders are all passionate about arts, culture, and heritage and the benefits Bravo brings to Greater Des Moines.

Please click here to read the FY2023-25 Bravo Strategic Plan.