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Arts and culture drive creativity, innovation, resilience, and inspiration. And, the sector is an essential driver of quality of life, economic impact, and community cohesion. There is not a single regional priority that arts and culture can’t contribute to. From mental health to talent attraction (and retention), education, and equity, arts and culture are essential to the community and a strong investment of public funds.

Bravo Greater Des Moines strengthens the region through grant investments and leadership on issues and opportunities in arts and culture. A resilient and connected cultural sector contributes to overall economic, civic and social impact throughout Greater Des Moines and is a priority driver of regional identity.



Invest strategically in organizations, programs, and projects that advance regional cultural priorities.

Grantmaking and funding to arts, culture, and heritage organizations is fundamental to how Bravo serves the community. Funds are strategically distributed through grant programs to meet the diverse needs of the sector. Additional connections and investments are identified to support organizations that are uniquely advancing regional cultural priorities. Because of Bravo’s investments, Greater Des Moines is becoming a more sustainable and resilient creative cultural ecosystem.


Be the leading voice for arts, culture, and heritage in the region.

While there is increasing appreciation for the role of arts and culture in advancing civic vitality, more progress can be made to reinforce the direct link between arts and culture and economic and social impact. Bravo serves as the collective voice, amplifying this impact, promoting the work and stories of organizations in the sector, and advocating for the significance of the region’s cultural assets.


Foster relationships that build capacity and invite collaboration.

Connections are made through informal and formal opportunities to learn, engage, and share. With the unique ability and positioning to build strategic relationships, Bravo is valued as a convener and facilitator, leveraging opportunities and relationships to make connections within the arts, culture and heritage sector and to the broader community.


Seed and lead initiatives that build momentum for future success.

Bravo identifies and priorities opportunities to play a unique, collaborative role in developing a resilient and competitive creative culture. As a regional leader, Bravo guides future visioning that positions arts, culture, and heritage as a driver for all regional priorities.

Passport to Culture


A Youth Program by Bravo

When the arts are a part of a well-rounded education, the positive effects on students are powerful. When students have access to experiences in arts and culture, both formally and informally, there is visible improvement in test scores, heightened imagination, more civic engagement, increased lifelong earning potential, better community cohesion and engagement, and more. Passport to Culture provides funding to Central Iowa schools so that students can experience culturally enriching educational opportunities in and out of the classroom.