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Capital Project Grant

Bravo Greater Des Moines provides financial support to all eligible arts, culture and heritage organizations for capital projects. The 2024 grant period (GC24) runs July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025.

The GC24 Application is now closed.

Grant Details

Bravo Greater Des Moines offers financial support for arts, culture and heritage capital projects in Greater Des Moines. Bravo defines a “capital project” as a comprehensive and cohesive construction, expansion, renovation or replacement project for an existing facility. The purchase of major equipment (assets) with a useful life of at least three (3) years that fall outside general operating expenses is also considered a capital project, as is the installation of public art.

There is up to $250,000 available for Capital Project Grant (CPG) awards in grant cycle 2024 (GC24). This is a competitive grant program, and it is likely not all funding requests will be awarded.

Eligible CPG applicants must meet each of the following criteria

  1. Be a recipient of a GC24 operating grant from Bravo, in good standing
  2. Submit the pre-application by February 16, 2024
  3. Meet with Bravo staff about the campaign by March 29, 2024

An organization may submit only one CPG application per grant cycle.

Organizations are eligible for capital project support every other grant cycle. Organizations that received a Capital Project Grant award in grant cycle 2023 are ineligible for CPG funding in GC24. The applicant should be the intended entity to contract with Bravo Greater Des Moines to receive grant funds and undertake the funded activity.

Eligible capital projects are of the type and scope that the applying organization must raise additional funds outside of normal operations to complete it. Projects must have a total cost of at least $15,000 and must have a useful life of at least three (3) years.

Organizations with large capital campaigns ($1M+) are encouraged to submit a smaller project from the campaign for consideration so the project impact may be fully understood. Projects with multiple aspects must be tied together into a cohesive larger project for consideration. Previously funded projects are ineligible for additional Bravo funding unless the proposed project is a distinct and separate phase.

Bravo grant funds must be spent between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025. Bravo prefers to support projects that are completed during this timeframe. Funds may be used for land acquisition, engineering and architectural planning, construction costs, the purchase of major equipment with a useful life of at least 3 years and the acquisition and installation of public art. For the purposes of this grant, Bravo defines public art as permanent artwork in a public place that is free and accessible.

Other ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Operating costs, including staff time
  • Programming and events
  • Endowment
  • Sponsorship
  • Existing obligations, debts or liabilities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Exhibits or other additions to an organization’s permanent collection (artwork, animals, instruments, etc.)
  • Community gardens
  • In-kind

Awards will generally fall within the following target funding range. Bravo may, at its discretion, award partial funding or awards outside the target funding range. It is unlikely Bravo would award more than $125,000 to a single project.

Campaign/Project Cost  Target Funding Range
$1M + 1-3%
$500K – $1M 5-10%
$15K – $500K 11-30%

Applicants will be asked to attach additional materials to their CPG application. Failure to submit required documentation may result in disqualification from consideration. All attachments must be in PDF format.

Documentation includes:

  • Organizational Financials: A Board approved operating budget for the current fiscal year AND a Board approved financial statement (balance sheet) for the most recently completed month (February 2024).
  • Project Budget: One-page budget that details the costs to fully complete the project. Identify any expenses already incurred. Clearly identify any in-kind contributions.
  • Project Fundraising: List of all confirmed, pending and potential/prospect sources (cash, pledges and in-kind) of funding to complete the project. Include the donor name, the amount and the date of donation/funding decision. Label donations that are in-kind.
  • Project Timeline: One-page detailed timeline of major milestones for the project. Use specific dates when possible and include milestones already reached.
  • Project Images: Up to three images for the project. These can be architect’s renderings, sketches, photos of the site or equipment or stock photo of the renovation or materials to be used. The images can be of the problem to be solved or of a potential solution being considered. Make the images compelling and part of the case for funding.

An anonymous panel of reviewers will evaluate eligible applications based on information provided by the applicant prior to recommendation of awards. Review meetings are closed to the public, and the Bravo Board of Directors will make final funding decisions. Applicants should not directly contact Bravo Board or panel members to discuss applications or funding amounts.

Award notifications will be sent via email. Applicants awarded a Capital Project Grant will be required to sign a grant agreement by June 28, 2024. Grant awards will be disbursed after execution of the grant agreement, and a final grant report will be due at the end of the funding term.

Bravo is committed to a transparent, fair and consistent grantmaking process. There is no appeal of final funding decisions made by the Bravo Board of Directors.

Important Dates

See below for the GC24 Spring schedule:

  • Friday, January 26  Pre-Application Opens
  • Friday, February 16 Pre-Applications DUE
  • Monday, March 4 Application Opens
  • Friday, March 29 Deadline to meet with Bravo staff
  • Friday, April 5 Application DUE by 3 pm
  • Thursday, June 13 Award notifications sent
  • Friday, June 28 Grant Agreements due
  • Monday, July 1 Grant term begins and award checks mailed
  • June 30, 2025 Grant term ends
  • July 2025 Final Grant Report due


Contact Bravo staff at or 515.243.0388 with any questions.


For FAQs, other funding opportunities, trainings for nonprofits, visit Bravo’s resources page.