About Bravo

Bravo Greater Des Moines was formed in 2004 by a collaboration of nine central Iowa local governments to provide reliable funding and leadership to the arts, culture and heritage community. Since that time, a total of 17 partner communities have committed a portion of their hotel-motel tax revenue to Bravo Greater Des Moines to administer a competitive and accountable grantmaking program which includes operating and capital support for arts, culture and heritage non-profits in the region. In addition to investments in the arts, Bravo works to provide leadership to the community in arts and cultural planning initiatives and leveraging impact for the enhancement and elevation of quality of life for residents and visitors.

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Bravo Greater Des Moines invests in the arts, culture and heritage organizations that make our region unique. Through targeted operating, program and capital grants, Bravo enhances and elevates the cultural community. 

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The Arts' Economic Impact

Bravo Greater Des Moines has released Central Iowa's results for Americans for the Arts Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 study. Bravo and more than 65 non-profit arts, culture and heritage organizations participated in the study, which included 340 other study communities across the U.S. High level data shows the arts is a $185 million industry in Central Iowa!

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